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Watch Box Sock In Action


Andrew M.

“Don’t think there is a more clever or awesome sock to get engaged in. We walked around a lot the day I was proposing and the ring was secure in the pocket the entire time.  She was so surprised when I got down on my knee to pull out the ring! She loved it!”

 Proposed in Orange County 7/23

Tabish K.

“The “Marry Me” socks added the perfect extra touch to my proposal. The socks themselves were made of good quality and were very comfortable. I had the slim ring box in the sock pouch literally all day and could not even tell it was there. A few times just for my own sanity I would touch the area to make sure the ring was still there and it was there every time and felt very secure. My proposal day involved some horseback riding and throughout the ride I never once worried about misplacing the ring or the box popping out. The best part is that the socks are stylish so you can get continued use out of them after the fact. I was very satisfied with the socks and ring box and have zero complaints.”

Proposed in Dallas 8/22

David L.

“The day of the proposal I was taking her wine tasting. I was worried my girlfriend (now fiancee) would see the ring in my pant pocket so the Box Sock worked perfectly to keep her ring box hidden as we were walking around the winery. I told her I felt something in my shoe, knelt down and slide the ring box right out in front of the vineyards. It was awesome.”

Proposed in Napa 1/18