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  • Maroon socks for Men to Hide Ring Box
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Hold Engagement Ring Box, Credit Card, Room Keys in your pocket sock

Well aren’t you looking dapper? This classic maroon and white stripe Mid-Century pocket sock is the epitome of romance for taking that next step.  Makes you want to pour a healthy glass of red wine and stay awhile with your bride-to-be. The genius sock with pocket was invented for the most creative way to hide the engagement ring until the moment you propose.


The secure sock pocket will hide your engagement ring and/or ring box while the sock stays in place during your down on one knee moment. The ring pocket is easily accessed from the outside so you remain swift and smooth.

Looking for useful groomsmen gifts? Snag a pair for each of your groomsmen to keep the wedding rings, credit cards, ID's, and room keys safe on the wedding day. 



  • Hidden pocket fits average ring box of 2.5” W x 2” L x 1.75” H OR ditch the bulky box and securely hide the ring in our slim ring box
  • Easy access to grab ring box from outside the sock
  • Knitted burgundy and white sock 
  • breathable combed cotton
  • Optional add on: a perfectly sized slim ring box. View it here



    • 75% Cotton
    • 23% Polyester
    • 2% Spandex




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        Feature 1

        Discreet sock pocket hides your engagement ring box.

        Feature 2

        Fitted, high-quality fabrics keep your ring in place.

        Feature 3

        Perfectly designed socks to fit your proposal location