Gray Thin Engagement Ring Box

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  • stunning gray thin engagement ring box for surprise proposal
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  • Gray Thin Engagement Ring Box
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  • Gray Thin Engagement Ring Box
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  • Gray Thin Engagement Ring Box

Gray Thin Engagement Ring Box


Our gray thin engagement ring box fits perfectly inside the Box Sock's pocket so her beautiful engagement ring remains hidden and secure. Slim Engagement Ring Box | Hide in Pocket Sock


Slim Ring Box Dimensions: 

  • 3/4" L x 1 1/4" H x 1 1/2" W
  • Slim engagement ring box is light weight with a gray velvet interior. 
  • This small ring box fits perfectly inside Box Sock's pocket (view here). 

What Size Rings Fit Inside?

  • Our thin ring box holds at least a 3-carat stone. The max measurement from the top to bottom of the stone for the box to close seamlessly is 15 mm. Please see this chart for specific diamond cut measurements (round, emerald, cushion, etc) and sizes. 

 Where To Hide Slim Ring Box? 

  • Inside your Box Sock- the pocket sock that hides your engagement ring box. Our Thin Ring Box is available for only $10 when purchased with your favorite Box Sock styleChoose your engagement day pocket sock HERE


Proposal Idea Help:

Exploring creative ideas to showcase your slim engagement ring box? Delve into our blog for inventive ways to discreetly present your ring during that special moment. Additionally, be sure to visit The Yes Girls for a wide range of authentic and surprising proposal concepts. Discover the key to crafting an unforgettable engagement day with our concealed-pocket engagement socks paired with our compact ring box – a clever combination that ensures your surprise remains a well-kept secret, free from any unsightly pant pocket bulges!


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Feature 1

Discreet sock pocket hides your engagement ring box.

Feature 2

Fitted, high-quality fabrics keep your ring in place.

Feature 3

Perfectly designed socks to fit your proposal location