Schedule Me In - Couples Planner

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Schedule Me In - Couples Planner



When we first start dating, it's easy to pay attention, plan dates, and learn new things about your spouse or partner. Unintentionally we settle in, so much so we sometimes forget to ask thoughtful questions and give our undivided attention. Schedule Me In makes it fun to start dating each other again!  


Couples favorite things in the ultimate relationship planner:

  1. Over 50 Date Night Ideas - Easy to Plan. Memorable for you both. 
  2. Weekly or Monthly Check-in Questions to keep you connected. The relationship prompts give you something to talk about (beyond kids, pets, work, etc) and communicating well in your relationship.
  3. Date Night Stickers and Sizzle Stickers for intimacy (yep, the sizzle sticker is exactly what you think and it keeps things light and fun!) 
  4. Trade-off Date Planning - made easy with monthly themes and healthy habits for intentional time together.
  5. Beautiful Monthly Calendar - it's there if you need it so you can literally schedule in time for each other.

Be intentional in your relationship by physically scheduling in your favorite person! You are 70% more likely to remember and follow through if you write it down. 

Schedule Me In is the perfect couple's gift! Snag one for yourself and another for your friend, sister, son-in-law, newlyweds, etc. for the perfect gift!

Free Shipping Included for orders over $50. 

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