Why A Small Ring Box Is Underrated

Thin Ring Box Marriage Proposal

Have you bought the ring? If so, congrats! We are so excited and happy for the adventure that lies ahead of you. Quick question - did your jeweler give you a lovely ring box, but its giant? Well, not only do we have a solution for you, but we also can tell you why a small ring box is underrated! 

1. They Can Be Pretty Too - Have you seen our sleek, thin ring box? It's the perfect modern and simple ring box for your brand new bling. Why have a big, over the top box that distracts from the main attraction. Keep it simple, small and slick. 

2. They Are Easy To Hide - This is such a big one! Why ruin your surprise proposal by keep that huge ring box in your back pocket? She will see it and you will be so bummed that your surprise was busted. Our small ring box will keep your proposal a surprise and your heart extra happy. 

3. It Fits In A Box Sock - Yes! Maybe the best detail there is. Box Sock is the sock with a pocket to hide your ring box - brilliant, right? It is safe, secure and full of possibilities. She will never find or see the shape of a ring box safely hidden in the pocket of your socks. It is perfect!