What To Wear To Your Wedding Proposal

Wearing the slim ring box for your surprise proposal

You created her dream proposal, you have picked out the perfect ring, you have a full game plan in place - BUT, what are you going to wear?? We got you. Continue for some advice from the experts. 

The Box Sock with Slim Ring Box

1. The Box Sock With Slim Ring Box 

Stylish socks are a must, but stylish socks that hide your biggest surprise? THE BEST. The Box Sock has the perfect pocket to hold your diamond ring. Our super slim, thin ring box slides right into the Box Sock keeping your surprise proposal - a surprise proposal


wearing a tux to your marriage proposal

2. Match Your Outfit To Your Proposal 

Is your surprise proposal really casual? Did you rent out a really fancy restaurant? Are you proposing on the top of a mountain? These are all important details! Of course, you don't want to wear a tux when your hiking to your proposal location. Match the style of your outfit to the style of your proposal! 

Proposing with the thin ring box

3. Make Sure Your Significant Other Matches Too 

Take it from us, your love wants to wear something appropriate to their proposal! Put that in your plan for your proposal. You may need to fib a little and say you're taking her to a nice dinner (so she will automatically dress up) for example. Make sure you keep your bae in mind as well. 



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