How to Celebrate Best Friends Day!

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I know, it's very exciting. This Saturday, June 8th is Best Friends Day! What better reason to get together with your bestie and do something awesome. Whether your BFF is your husband, wife, Mom, Dad, oldest pal, sibling or maybe you have a big ol' group of best buds - let us inspire you to celebrate your favorite friendships in the coolest way possible. 

1. Road Trip! 

Pack up your Thelma to your Louise (without the cliff jumping) and head out on a rad road trip! You can really ruff it and plan a camp excursion. If camping is not your thing, head to a fancy hotel an hour away and sign up for a spa day. Don't have time for a sleep over? Locate a fabulous restaurant you've always wanted to try a few cities over or a shop you wanted to explore. Get all the snacks, get in the car and go! 

2. Get Some Matching Tats 

You know you've always wanted to take the plunge and permanently show the world how cool you and your all time pal are. Okay, okay we know tattoos aren't for everyone - good thing you can always get matching t-shirts instead! BFF4L bracelets are pretty great too. 

3. Have An Over The Top Meal 

Save up your coins and plan for an epic meal together! I don't know about you, but its not very often I get to sit down for a few hours and have a fabulous meal with my favorite person - life is crazy! Set a date, time and place (even if its not this June 8th) and put your fancy pants on for a multiple course meal! Order the champagne, appetizers, surf and turf - just go it! 

4. Plan a Picnic 

Maybe you're saving your shekels, no problem - plan the perfect picnic! Head to the market and make a sweet meal for you both. Think - charcuterie board, pasta salad, sandwiches, fruit and a cooler full of beer and wine. Spend the day at your local park relaxing in the sun. Still a little too cold out to head outdoors? Move your coffee table and picnic in your living room while you listen to some Summer tunes. Food and wine are best shared with besties.