Top Gifts for a Thoughtful Father's Day

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This Father's Day, give the gift of quality time! Whether its the Poppa to your children or your own Dad, finding a great gift you can enjoy together benefits everyone! So sit back, relax with your Pops and let us come up with the perfect game plan for this Father's Day. 

1. Head to a Local Brewery  

A little beer, a little history and science about the beer, I know my Dad would love it! Most big cities have a local brewery that will give tours of their facility or least a great beer flight to try. You know what else is great about breweries? Most of them are kid friendly! Load up the mini van and let Dad try all the beers. 

2. Rent a Sweet Ride 

Is the Dad is your life a car guy? Surprise him with a fancy rental for the day! Imagine his face when he walks outside to find a killer ride in the driveway. Plan an awesome day filled with lots of driving from place to place and he can have the pleasure of escorting you. 

3. A little Paintball Anyone? 

Is the guy you're planning for a little competitive? Create the ultimate paintball battle! Even if paintball isn't your thing, get a good group together of friends, family and other Dad's for an afternoon they would be totally excited for. You still get to sit on the sideline and laugh at the participants! 

4. Go Kart Go! 

Combine their love of cars and that competitive side with a little go karting! So many cities have adult go karting these days and extra perk - most of them provide food and beers too! So strap on that helmet and get ready to let your Dad win ;) 


Photography - Jessica Rice Photography