Tips For The Best Fall Engagement Photos

Tips for the best fall engagement photos
  1. Outfit - You knew it was coming. Make sure you are wearing your Fall finest all while you "go" together. You don't have to full match, but just go nicely together! For example - if she is wearing a beautiful burnt orange dress or sweater, you could go with a nice navy button up and sweater as well. You will compliment each other! 

  2. Location - It is Fall, so go for a Fall location. Worried because there isn't a great pumpkin patch, or apple farm close to you? No worries, just find yourself a pretty park or even a lovely body of water like a lake or ocean. Dress the part and that will be enough to give your photos that Fall feel. 

  3. Lighting - It is all about that golden hour! It is absolute magic when you hit the lighting just right, so be patient in the day and wait for that golden glow about 1-2 hours before sunset! You will not regret it and it will just give your Fall Engagement photos that extra crisp look it needs!