Three Ways To Ruin Your Winter Proposal

Christmas tree marriage proposal

Winter is a magical time of year. There are twinkle lights all over your city, snow on the ground and in the trees, Christmas music playing throughout town and you get to cozy up with your favorite loved one. With so much magic in the air, it is no surprise lots of couples get engaged! Here are a couple helpful engagement tips to follow this holiday season. 

1. Don't propose the day they fly in. We have seen it 1,000 times - you make a big plan to propose a few hours after your sweetheart is supposed to land and boom - flight delayed or even worse - CANCELLED. Make sure you give yourself time for any delays since its a heavy travel time. 

2. Do propose in a beautiful space indoors. With weather being unpredictable during the winter - make sure you have a beautiful, cozy or decorated space inside to propose. Planning to propose in Central Park is too risky since a snow storm could be creeping just around the corner! 

3. Keep the ring in a slim ring box. You have already gone through the trouble to plan a wonderful proposal, don't ruin the surprise with a bulky ring box! Keep that sparkling ring hidden in a thin ring box and tucked away in a Box Sock - the sock built for marriage proposals!