Three Ways to Ruin Your Proposal

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Did you know that 1 out of 3 women were disappointed with how they were proposed to? That is A LOT of ladies. Since we're one of the pro's on the topic, let us help you keep the disappointment at bay and the excitement in full swing. 

1. You Make the Proposal About You 

You may think - "I love cruising on boats in the open sea! I will propose on a yacht in the middle of the ocean". However, your girl gets super sea sick! Don't ruin her entire experience with this simple mistake. Think about what makes your partner in crime the most happy. Is it walking in the sand? Riding bikes through your town? Grabbing drinks at her favorite roof top bar? Start there, then make it extra special.

2.  You're Not A Great Planner 

Do you have a hard time thinking through the logistics, setting a schedule and putting all the details together? We get it, but don't let that ruin one of the most important days of your and your bae's life. Enlist a friend/family member to help or better yet - HIRE a pro! There is a lot to put into place - creating a timeline, hiring vendors, booking locations, ordering decor, finding a photographer, etc. Let an experienced planner like The Yes Girls take care of everything from the idea to coordination. All you'll have to do is show up! 

3. She Sees the Bulky Ring Box Before You Pop the Question

We've seen it 1,000 times - you have a beautiful day planned, but the surprise goes to waste when she sees the big ol' ring box in your pocket! We're here to save the day. The Box Sock - the pocket sock that hides your ring box. Do we really need to say more? Do you wear socks? Yes. Do you want to make sure your engagement ring stays hidden? Yes. Awesome, we're definitely on the same page. There are lots of rad designs, a hidden pocket for your ring box and a surprise proposal all in your future.