Three Ways to Avoid Proposal Cold Feet

Proposal in the snow
We completely understand, proposing is a big deal! Are you planning on proposing in 2020? We want to help you get there, so here are three ways to avoid cold feet when planning to propose! 
1. Ask Permission - Do you need to ask your in-laws, soon to be sister or your future fiance's children for her hand in marriage? Get. It. Done. Not only will it feel so great to check that off the list - they will also hold you accountable! 
2. Hire A Planner - A planner is the BEST. When you lock down a planner, they can take care of everything for you. Starting with an amazing idea, getting organized, finding vendors, keeping a schedule, creating a floor plan and making sure all your ducks are in the row the day of - a proposal planner is your best kept secret. Check out The Yes Girls - they will have your back every step of the way! 
3. The Box Sock - Not only are they a super comfy sock that will literally keep your feet warm - they also will keep you organized and feeling ready for anything. It is the sock that hides your engagement ring box - the perfect proposal tool! You can also get the the ultra thin ring box so she doesn't find the ring in your pocket before you are even able to pop the question!