Three stunning spots to propose in Lisbon

Portugal’s capital has long been on the radar of European sunseekers looking to soak up the history and culture that’s offered here by the bucketload. But have you ever considered Lisbon as a proposal destination?


Romance is around every corner in this city, with fairytale-like architecture and gorgeous views to admire whichever way you turn. If you’re looking to avoid the more cliché European destinations, Lisbon stands up as a beautiful alternative for you and your partner to commit your futures to one another.


You will find plenty of special spots across the city perfect for taking the plunge. But we’ve narrowed it down to the top three most romantic places in the Lisbon region to help inspire your Portuguese proposal. 


Cabo da Roca

Affectionately known as ‘the edge of the world’ due to its geographical location, you’ll be hard-pressed to find  a more romantic place to profess your love to one another. Cabo da Roca is the westernmost point of Portugal and Europe, and with the cliffs towering 150m above sea level, you’ll be treated to unobstructed views of the Atlantic horizon and the surrounding Sintra area. If her heart’s not racing as you lurch precariously above the crashing Atlantic waves, then it certainly will be as you descend onto one knee and reveal the ring.


If you are feeling adventurous, take on one of the local walking trails which features Cabo da Roca as a point of interest and take a moment’s respite there, before hopefully completing the walk as a newly-engaged couple. There aren’t many walks you will set off single and return with a fiancée!


Belém Tower


Belém Tower is one of the most significant historical sites in the Lisbon region, and is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site. Set against the famous Tagus River, this special spot truly encapsulates the beauty of Portugal’s capital city.


If you’re looking to pop the question inside the tower, be warned that in peak season this is a very popular attraction, and with only 150 people allowed in at the time, you can expect a long queue. Nothing like a long wait to settle your nerves!


Fortunately, if you don’t fancy tackling the queues, the beauty of the tower can be appreciated from the outside. Decorated with Manueline stone carvings, this iconic emblem of the city will provide the perfect backdrop for your memorable proposal snaps.


Pena Palace


Admire the stunning architecture and fairytale feel of Pena Palace, which sits in the Parque de Pena forest. The palace itself sits atop a hill almost 500m high, which can be scaled by foot, but you can also take the easier route and catch a bus from the nearby train station. With plenty of intricately decorated staterooms to explore inside the palace, you won’t be short of dreamy spots to get down on one knee and make your partner feel like they’re living their own fairytale.


It is worth noting that photography is generally frowned upon inside the palace walls, so if you want to capture the moment on camera, it might be better to ask the all-important question at one of the surrounding viewpoints.


Being one of the most popular tourist attractions in the entire country, expect to be battling through hoards of fellow visitors in and around the palace. If you’re dreaming of a private and intimate proposal, then a trip to Pena might not be the best bet, unless you’re happy to travel at off-peak times throughout the year.



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