Three Healthy Date Night Ideas

New Year 2020

With the new year here, we know you wanted to create some healthy habits for yourself. Why not get inspired with some date nights!? So, what is on your list? Let's dive in -

  • Get in shape - Oh we love this. A couple that sweats together - knows how to work hard together. Pack a picnic filled with fruits, veggies, lots of water and healthy dips and throw it in your backpack. Find a great walking/hiking path you can take for 30 minutes to an hour until you find a great place to stop and have a romantic picnic just the two of you. You can spend your walk/hike talking about this years goals!

  • Eat Healthier - We're always down for some healthier habits. Find a local cooking class that you can take together, but make sure the class focuses on easy, healthy meals! Can't find a class near you, no problem. There are about a million YouTube videos on healthy meals - so, find one you're interested in, but the ingredients and plan a fun night in learning and cooking together!

  • Learn a New Skill or Hobby - Yes! Learning together is such a beautiful bonding experience. Is one of you wanting to learn to paint? Maybe you want to get your scuba diver's license. There are classes for everything and we love it, so go for it! Take the time to support each other on a Date Night adventure.