Thin Ring Box VS Bulky Ring Box

Thin ring engagement ring box

Here is a scenario you may have going on in your head -

You have a beautiful ring box that came with the engagement ring box and you want to use it for your proposal, BUT...

You're worried the ring box is too bulky and it will be a dead giveaway. You're right, it will be a dead giveaway. 


Keep that bulky, beautiful ring box. Put it in a drawer and save it for later. It is the perfect box to store the ring for now and for later and to use for photos during your wedding day. 

For the proposal, grab yourself a slim ring box and pick up a Box Sock while you're at it. The Box Sock will securely hold and hide your ring box while the thin ring box will keep it hidden and your proposal a secret. 

It is the BEST of both worlds. Consider us your proposal guru.