The Story Behind The Pocket Sock


hidden pocket in socks


Brought to you by the girls who plan proposals for a living (The Yes Girls ), the Box Sock has a small but mighty pocket on the side of it so men can hide their engagement ring perfectly. After watching thousands of clients struggle to hide the ring in a safe yet unnoticeable place, the original proposal planners created this game changing solution. The pocket is strategically placed on the inside left sock to keep ring hidden for her. The fitted and high-quality fabrics keeps ring and the socks securely in place. The pocket’s elasticity is engineered to carry the ring box and comfortably remove when proposer gets down on one knee. Oh, we should mention the fabrics breathability. Hearts may be racing but one can avoid sweaty feet!  



best surprise proposal box


Simply put, BOX SOCK makes your marriage proposal WAY EASIER and MORE MEMORABLE. No more awkward ring box bulges or stressing about where to hide the ring.  Keep your ring box safely hidden in your awesomely designed socks until the moment you get down on one knee!

GET YOUR FAVORITE DESIGN OF BOX SOCKS (the pocket sock that hides your ring box) PLUS OUR DISCRETE ENGAGEMENT RING BOX FOR ONLY $34.  Choose your favorite style here!