The Best Discreet Engagement Ring Boxes for Summer 2022

Worried about her catching a glimpse of a bulky ring box while you're traveling for your marriage proposal? Here are the top three thin ring boxes we recommend  (and any fit inside our sneaky BOX SOCK pocket).


1. BOX SOCK- Perfect Size Ring Box


Thin Ring Box for surprise proposal

Bonus: Get a Box Sock + Thin Ring Box for only $34. Not only will you have a thin ring box but a discreet and secure place to hide the box so she doesn't accidentally bump up against your pants or jacket pocket. We've heard that happen and ruin the proposal surprise more times than we can count!

hide ring box inside sock pocket 

2. MRS Box

Starting at $75

discreet engagement ring Box


3. Monarch Box 

Starting at $129 

how to hide engagement ring


There you have it. Three awesome ring box options to hide your engagement ring until that iconic moment you get down on one knee! Cheers!