Ten Ways You Could Lose The Engagement Ring

Ten ways to lose the engagement ring

Every guy worries about it. WHAT IF I LOSE THE RING BEFORE I PROPOSE!? Good thing we already solved that problem - Oh, you haven't heard? It's Box Sock - Box Sock is the solution. It is a pair of socks, built with a secure, hidden pocket. You then take the thin ring box (you're also welcome) and hide the engagement ring box in that perfect little pocket. It's brilliant and safe and will give you ALL the peace of mind you need to keep your proposal a surprise and your nerves at bay. 

Now, If I haven't convinced you enough - here are ten ways you could lose the engagement ring without The Box Sock. 

1. It falls out of your pants pocket when you sit down. 

2. If falls out of your pants pocket when you sit down, on a boat, and it bounces into the ocean (it has really happened). 

3. You just put the ring in your shirt pocket and you lean forward and it falls into the ocean (for real, it really has happened). 

4. The ring box is too big so it just pushes its way out of your pocket. 

5. You check your jacket at coat check and someone steals it from your coat pocket. 

6. You only put the ring in your back pocket and it falls out while on the city trolly (these are real stories people). 

7. You ask your friend to hold it in her purse and she leaves her purse in her Uber. 

8. You stick only the ring in your wallet and it falls out when you go to pay your tab. 

9. You put the ring in your shirt pocket and it falls into the sand when you are walking the beach. 

10. You check your bag at the airport, with the ring inside, and its stolen from your suitcase. 

Fell nervous yet? Don't worry!! Box Sock solves all these problems. We've got you - and Box Sock has got the ring.