Outdoor Spring Date Ideas!

Outdoor Date Ideas

Ahhh, Spring is officially here and I think most couples are so happy to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and some sunshine! Hopefully, where ever you and your love are located is starting to defrost. Whether you are still waiting on the sun to peak through the fog or those flowers are blooming in your town - here are some killer outdoor date ideas for glorious Spring time. 

Outdoor Date ideas

1. Create the Perfect Picnic 

I know, it sounds like it has been done, but it is a simple and thoughtful way to spend time outdoors. Find your favorite park, beach or dock and pack up a bag full of goodies. Think - cheese, crackers, fruit, potato salad, wine or cold beers (or both!), your music box for sweet jams and a big ol' blanket. Put it all together and surprise your sweetie with a cozy day outside in the sun! 

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2. Head to a Baseball Game 

If you are your boo love sports, head to a baseball game! It can be a college game or a MLB game, either way you can grab yourself a hotdog, slap on some sunscreen and sunnies while stuff your face full of crackerjacks and popcorn. 

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3. Take a Nice Bike Ride 

Load up your basket with snacks and water and take a bike ride down your favorite bike path or through a cute neighborhood. You can even plan a fun date at a local restaurant or bar and plan to head there together on your bikes! You can get a little exercise, spend some time outdoors and get some grub in one afternoon - sounds great to me! 

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4. Cruise to Your Local Beer Garden or Wine Tasting 

What is better then soaking up the sun while you sip on an ice cold brew? Maybe a  beautiful wine tasting? We think its a tie, but either way - what a great time outside! Most areas will have one or the other with picnic tables, a lovely patio or big open grounds for you to sit. So, call an Uber and spend a magic day tasting some adult beverages.