Slim Ring Box For Your Surprise Proposal

First off, congrats on your upcoming proposal! We have the best secret weapon to keep your proposal a total surprise! A thin ring box that hides in your pocket sock. 

Box Sock pocket sock hides slim ring box for surprise proposal

  1. Slip the thin ring box into your pair of Box Sock (sock has a pocket made to specifically hide your ring box).
  2. Walk around without her noticing the thin ring box.
  3. Get down on one knee, seamlessly grab the ring box from your pocket sock and propose!

Yep. That easy. That discreet. We do not want your special moment ruined by her accidentally bumping into your ring box inside your jacket or pant pocket. That will be the dead giveaway and your surprise plan will be shot. You can select your favorite sock pattern and thin ring box from the shop here.

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 " Package is secure! I repeat, the package is secure. The socks and ring box worked perfectly. Such a cool product. Thank you!" - Hector 

Thin Engagement Ring Box