Hey Mom! Give The Best Proposal Gift, Ever.

mom giving proposal gift

Hey Moms out there! Yes, we're talking to you! Mom, Step-Mom, Mother-in-Law - we don't discriminate. 

We have an awesome idea for you. Give your son or soon to be son-in-law THE BEST GIFT EVER. The holidays are coming up and you're probably already in the giving mood, BUT the holidays are coming up and here come the questions - 

  • When is your son getting engaged? 
  • When is your daughter going to get married? 
  • When is your son going to put a ring on it? 
  • Aren't you ready to be a grandma? 
  • How many grandkids do you think you'll have? 

Well, right now you have zero grandkids - we think that is just ridiculous. So drop a gift while you drop a hint - BOX SOCK. Box sock is the gift that will just keep on giving. It is the sock that hides the engagement ring box so the beautiful couple keeps a fabulous, surprise proposal and all your dreams will come true. 

Want to go the extra mile? Include the thin ring box with that little present and he will have the ultimate proposal tools. The slim ring box holds the ring, the Box Sock securely hides the ring box and then your favorite equation begins - 

Engagement, wedding planning, marriage, pregnancy, grand babies - BOOM!