New Years Eve Proposal Ideas

Marriage proposal with fireworks

New. Years. Eve. A super romantic and sparkling event - Perfect time for an engagement. Here are a couple ideas for you to propose! 

1. Create your own firework show! Depending on your location, you can create your own firework show a midnight to create an extra special moment. Does your area not allow fireworks? No problem - try fountain fireworks or sparklers for a similar feel! 

2. Make their own special countdown! You can start with 5-10 hours before midnight, and every hour you give them a note expressing why you love them. The final note you give them at midnight can say "I want you to be my wife." That is your cue to then pop the question! 

3. Build the cutest photo op. Most parties have a fun back drop to take photos in front of. Have a chalk board for the back drop for people to write their "resolutions". When it is your turn, write - "To propose!". Show her the chalkboard after your photos and drop to your knee in the moment! Make sure someone takes a photo ;)