Must Have's When Traveling For Proposal

Are you looking to travel for your proposal?

Perhaps you researching locations on the coast of Malibu or the South of France (which are both amazing locations for a proposal by the way), but with travel comes its obstacles, especially when it comes to keeping your surprise marriage proposal ... well a surprise. 

The Yes Girls have planned over 4000 marriage proposals within the US and Internationally so we asked them to share their tips when it comes to traveling for a proposal.

Here are top 3 Must Haves when Traveling for Your Proposal:

  1. Engagement Ring Socks + Discreet Ring Box   There is nothing like a bulky ring box to be the dead giveaway as you are walking around on that special day. If you have a thin ring box (or better yet engagement ring socks that hide your ring box) your partner won't find it in your pant or jacket pocket. 
  2. Reliable Day of Coordinator or Vendor (to be your eyes/ears on the ground before you arrive). If you are visiting an area for the proposal, it's important you have a vendor that that is well versed in that area. The coordinator will be your point of contact for the photographer, florist, marry me sign, etc. so your phone isn't buzzing and giving away clues that something is up. 
  3. Review the Location's Landscape (ie: sand, windy, inclement weather, etc.) Consider what she is wearing and what you are setting up. Candles on the beach can blow right out with the ocean breeze, if she is in high heels will she be walking on the sand? If you are in the mountains, will she be dressed up or in hiking clothing? Consider what your partner would want to be wearing in that moment. 


Take those main 3 tips into consideration, and you'll be on the right track to planning your amazing destination proposal! 

Photos: Courtesy of The Yes Girls - the world's best marriage proposal planners