How to Keep Your Proposal a Surprise During The Holidays

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The Holidays are such an exciting time of year. Love is in the air, twinkly lights set a romantic ambiance and so many couples are under the microscope when it comes to popping the question - making it hard to keep the moment a surprise. The Yes Girls have a few tips to help keep that diamond under wraps, pun intended! 

Surprise holiday proposal

1.  Keep friends/family on a "need to know basis." 

You may feel its best to ask for your darling's hand from parents or relatives prior to your engagement, but that doesn't mean you have to tell them all the details if they are not the best secret keepers! Enlist the people who know the importance of a surprise to help you and leave the rest in the dark. 

Proposing in holidays

2. A distraction is always a good idea. 

Luckily, a distraction can mean so many things! Make your soon to be fiance believe you are headed to see the Nutcracker, but you propose outside the beautiful theatre or pop the question Christmas Eve instead of the next morning when she least expects it! Maybe you get your sweet niece or nephew involved by having them hand the box over while you're around the corner, then boom! Channel your inner magician and make it happen. 

how to keep proposal surprise in holidays

3. The Box Sock. Always. 

Hiding the ring is half the battle, but we have you completely covered. Maybe you want to propose Christmas morning while you're both still cozy in your pocket-less pajamas? The Box Sock blends right in with pajamas AND has a snug little pocket ready to hold and hide that sparkling surprise. Headed to a fancy dinner? The Box Sock goes with any suit and your love won't notice a bulky ring box sitting in your pants pocket. Trust us, The Box Sock is tried and true. 

Proposal Planning and Design by The Yes Girls and Photos by TM Inspired