How To Hide Your Engagement Ring Box In Your Pocket

How to hide your enagement ring box in your pocket

It is a question we have heard so many times - "how do I hide the engagement ring box in my pocket, without my significant other finding it?" We know how difficult, scary and frustrating it can be to buy the ring, keep the ring hidden, then hide the ring before you propose. Lucky for you, we solved this problem. 

Box Sock - Box Sock is the solution. Box Sock is the wedding proposal sock that has a hidden pocket for you to hide your engagement ring box. Its perfect! These socks comes in multiple different colors and prints, have a built in - hidden pocket for the engagement ring box, and are built for security and protection of that precious stone. 

Box Sock also carries the perfect thin, ring box. This slim and sleek ring box fits perfectly in the Box Sock and allows you to keep that perfect surprise a secret. The Box Sock and Slim Ring Box are the perfect pair!