How to Get the Ring Through Airport Security

Traveling with an engagement ring can be tricky... especially if airport security is involved!  Here are a few simple tips to help TSA avoid spoiling your proposal!

1. DON'T carry the ring in your pocket.  This may seem obvious to some, but for those who haven't traveled via airplane, you will be required to empty your pockets at the metal detector.  If she sees you pull out a small box, she's going to suspect a proposal!

2. DO order a thin ring box to throw her off in case she does see it.  Women have a special eye for a certain square box ;) however she may not even give a rectangle box a second thought.

3. DON'T wrap the box.  This looks suspicious, and TSA may make you unwrap it (once again, giving her a full view of what's inside!)

4. DO utilize your Box Sock by concealing the ring and ring box inside the rolled pair of socks.  It's not unusual to carry an extra pair of socks in your carry on, so should she peek inside your bag, she won't suspect a thing!

5. DO tape a note to the outside in the ring box in case TSA should search your bag.  Keep the note short and simple... "Engagement ring inside, please don't ruin the surprise!"  This will prevent security from waving the box around for everyone (including her) to see.