Top 4 Do's and Don't's of a Valentine's Day Proposal 2022

proposal ideas for valentines day

We are just about a month away from Valentine's Day and I am sure for many of you that means there is a marriage proposal on your mind! Lucky for you, we have a little bit of experience in this department. So get that slim, engagement ring box ordered, pick out your perfect Box Sock style and check out these Do's and Don't's of proposing on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day engagement


Be as sneaky as possible! You can hide that thin, engagement ring box in your Box Sock, but Valentine's day is already a big red flag in terms of giving away your plan to pop the question. Try to go-down on one knee during an unexpected moment. Maybe have a glass a wine before you go to dinner and surprise them then! From there, you can head to dinner and celebrate! 

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Propose in a crowded bar or restaurant. With so many other people or commotion going on, it will be hard to find a good moment to create the perfect proposal! It is hard to hear, people could overshadow what is happening and maybe your location options are limited. A more quiet or mellow space is ideal. 

How to propose on Valentine's Day


Go with the flow but ideally reserve your location/venue. With keeping a mellow location in mind, understand that sometimes circumstances are out of your control! Even the most perfectly, thought out plan can come with issues. Go into the day or evening with a sense of humor and the funny mishaps will just become a part of a wonderful proposal story! 


Think about YOUR perfect proposal, think about what YOUR PARTNER'S perfect proposal would be! Valentine's Day already has such a romantic feel, yay! Now, add something personal that your future fiancé would love. Do they love to dance, take her to a private dance class! Do they love your pets? Include them in the proposal some how. Make it the perfect proposal for THEM. 

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