Dates Inspired by Earth Day!

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Happy Earth Day! 

What better reason to be inspired to spend some time with your love then the very place you met her on - Mother Earth! Show some love to your sweetie while showing some love to our beautiful planet with these three, great day date ideas. 

1. Participate in a beach or lake clean up! 

We promise it is more fun then it sounds! Clean up's usually last about an hour and help many Non-Profits like the Surfrider Foundation not only keep our beaches clean, but do some research on the type of trash/items they find. After you help keep those precious spaces stay spic and span, plan to spend the rest of the day enjoying the sun and sand! You can pack a picnic or head to a nearby restaurant to grab some grub - then hit the water. 

2. Schedule a day to plant trees! 

Spend a beautiful day outside transforming your region one tree at a time. There are many local organizations that specialize in replanting our forest regions or maintaining trees to live longer, taller lives! You can volunteer with organizations like The TreePeople who focus on serving communities who lack protection from heat all while they restore their local forests. Impress your honey with a day spent giving back - we won't even take any credit ;). 

3. Head to a National Park! 

This Earth Day is the start of National Park Week, which means all our US National Parks are completely free to attend the next five days! With 58 National Parks to choose from, there must be one close by you can visit with your sweetheart. Spend your entire day hiking in the mountains, hitting the many beaches along our coasts, walking through our beautiful forests or checking out some gorgeous waterfalls, free of charge.