Box Sock & The Marry Me Mask

Marry Me Mask

Everyone is rocking a new accessory these days – the mask. People are quarantined and limited on what they are able to do and where they are able to go, so how do you make a quarantine marriage proposal creative and light-hearted? The big question is, how to propose during quarantine? We have such a super fun and creative idea, a Marry Me Mask! How fantastic is that?! One of our Yes Girls designers created these masks in house by sewing fabric together and embroidering the letters directly onto the mask. Could they be any more beautiful? We completely understand that this is such an uncertain time, you may have had plans to propose and now your biggest thought is how to propose during quarantine. The Yes Girls are fully here to help!

What two items will help keep your quarantine proposal a surprise and add a thoughtful fun touch to your engagement photos during this historical time?

1) A Marry Me Mask

2) Marry Me? Box Sock

With a Marry Me Mask and a Box Sock, your proposal accessories will be on point. What is a Box Sock you may ask? A Box Sock is the sock with a pocket, to hold that beautiful diamond ring! You can also get the thin, perfectly slim ring box. Don’t give away your proposal with a bulky box in your pocket! The Yes Girls can also help you with the planning! As the original proposal planners, they have created over 3,000 marriage proposals over the past 11 years and they really know our stuff.

They know how to overcome any obstacle, including quarantine, they have already done that – check out this winery proposal during quarantine – here!