The Wedding Gift Your Groomsmen are Dying to Get!

Groomsmen gifts are a fun way to show your appreciation for the men that will be standing by your side on the big day.  We love the idea of creating a wedding day kit for each member of the party not only as a token of gratitude, but also as a gift that will actually serve a purpose on the day-of. 

The first step to creating a wedding day kit is to find the right carry case.  Leather pouches or toiletry bags are manly and can be used again for future travels.  Next come the items that are both fun to receive and can be used during the wedding.  We would start these items off by choosing a Box Sock design that fits the color scheme of the wedding.  These patterned socks not only will create amazing photos with your guys, but also have a hidden pocket on the side to conceal items they made need later but cannot fit into their suit pockets (money, a car key, a mini liquor bottle for a toast, or even the wedding bands for your Best Man).  To make the kit even more personalized, you can add a coordinating tie or bow tie to match the socks.

groomsmen gift ideas

Last but not least, the wedding day kit will need a little something to get the party started- a mini cocktail kit, liquor bottle, or even a cigar or two.  Your groomsmen will love the kind gesture, and you will have gifted them items that they will use again and again!