Best at Home Marriage Proposal Idea by The Yes Girls

With the current events, many hopeful "proposers" are postponing their engagement or having to get creative with their marriage proposals at home. Just because your plans had to be canceled due to COVID-19 or any travel issue for that matter, doesn't mean your engagement won't be memorable.

The Yes Girls put together 3 creative and thoughtful ways to propose at home when travel plans changed!

how to propose at home during Corona Virus

Recreate What You Would Be Doing 

What were your original proposal plans? Or what would you be doing on a typical Saturday (or enter your proposal date here)? Would you be heading to your routine movie date? Recreate a luxury movie theater in your very living room by filling apothecary jars with her favorite candies and snacks (YES, candy is still on most grocery store shelves as far as I’ve seen!) You can fill your favorite couch or lounge chairs with all of the pillows and blankets in your house, or better yet, create a sweet blanket fort with string lights, rose petals, and candles to set the mood! If you have technical skills (or know someone that does) you can even create a slideshow of your memories together to play on the screen as you walk into the room to propose! Hunker down in a room “for work” and instead do a quick secret set up!

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Let's get creative and support one another! Happy At Home Proposing!