Adorable Harry Potter Proposal with Box Sock and Cowboy Boots

Proposing in a helicopter is a tricky thing; it’s so loud and not at all private or intimate. So instead of popping the question inside of the chopper, Jeremy and Abby took a private charter helicopter to a winery outside of Ft. Worth, Texas. Once they landed, Jeremy led Abby to a beautiful daisy-covered archway with Harry Potter book pages coming off and leading to turquoise candle holders (favorite flower- check! favorite book- check! favorite colors- check!). Jeremy chose to sport The Next Step Box Sock to hide the ring, along with a pair of awesome cowboy boots. After she said yes, Abby’s friends from the army (whom she hadn’t seen in 7 years!) surprised them and they enjoyed a private tasting along with the couple’s parents!

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Photo: Aubree Edwards