The Sweetest Ice Rink Proposal with The Box Sock!

Mike and Megan met while working for the same company. After learning that they each had crushes on one another, they have been together ever since! Their proposal took place in downtown Cleveland in Public Square on an ice skating rink. Our Marry Me Bock Sock and Slim Ring Box worked like a charm! 

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Here is a bit more of their love story straight from Mike - 

   "Megan and I had been dating for two years when I had proposed.  We met through work.  We work for the same company.  I always had a crush on her and later found out she had a crush on me.  We live in Cleveland and every year during the Holidays in downtown public square they light up the square and put in an ice skating rink.  So, I thought it would be a festive and romantic idea to go down there the weekend before Christmas and propose on the ice. Public square is where we had are first kiss (kind of) after one of the Holiday work parties a few years ago.

   She thought it was kind of odd I wanted to go Ice Skating because I'm terrible at it, my plan was to pretend to fall (wasn’t hard to pretend) and then when she came to my aide, get down on one knee and propose with the help of my box socks :), and she said yes!  The great part about it as well was that her brother who is a young and talented photographer was down there unbeknownst to Megan taking some great photos.  He and I had planned it out earlier that week.  It made for a nice surprise Christmas Eve during a family gift exchange, Meg got up to use the restroom to come back and find photos sitting on her seat, photos of us together on the Ice Rink. It turned out to be a great proposal. We are looking at dates in 2020 and can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together!" 

Photo credit - Ian Moore