A Proposal In An Empty Winery During Quarantine!

Dreamy table setting at winery

This gorgeous quarantined proposal in Napa was inspired by Mariko’s love of fairytales, feminine elegance, and romantic vibes that Jason wanted to incorporate their entire love story within the proposal! How sweet is that? Now, this is no ordinary marriage proposal. As you know, the world is so different during these quarantined times – giving elaborate proposes many obstacles. The Yes Girls wanted to go above and beyond to make sure this couple had a perfect proposal!

Jason knew he wanted to make this extra special for Mariko no matter what, so he teamed up with The Yes Girls to make it happen. Together, we were able to create a quarantined proposal in Napa for the books! The Yes Girls worked with the winery to set up a beautiful setting on the grounds – so the couple had the entire winery completely to themselves! This also kept the couple and staff safe with social distancing. Typically renting an entire winery wouldn’t be feasible but to make lemonade out of lemons during COVID 19, the amazing staff we’ve worked with for 10 years made it happen. TALK ABOUT DREAMY! A table set for two was draped in white and light pink fabric with romantic flowers and tall gold candles to embody a modern-day princess feel. A snow globe with a castle inside sits on the table with a fairy tale book! The cover reads – Once Upon A Time… and inside is the couple’s story with custom drawings. What a perfect way to proposal despite a gloomy time – such a creative and romantic win for a beautiful couple!

champagne on tablesnow globe on tableflower arrangement in pink and whitecouple walkingcouple walkingman proposingcouple hugging after engagement

Photography: Esmeralda Franco

Proposal Planning: The Yes Girls