Three Ideas For A Surprise Proposal In The Fall Season


Ideas for a surprise proposal in the Fall


Labor Day has come and gone, the leaves are starting to turn a bit orange and there is more of a crisp in the air - Fall must be right around the corner! It is a perfect season to propose for a few reasons. One, it is the beginning of the Holiday season so you wouldn't have to answer, "When are you going to pop the question?" at every Holiday party. And two, your significant other will be ecstatic to show off that sparkly ring you purchased to every aunt, grandma and cousin you see for the next few months. So, without further ado - let us inspired you!  

1. All The Pumpkins 

I'll say it, pumpkins are just fun. You can eat them, carve them, display them and better yet - propose with them. Maybe you have a great balcony at home, buy a few dozen mini pumpkins and spell out "Marry Me?" with them! Are you a great at carving pumpkins? Bust out the carving kit and light up your living room with that question she is waiting to hear. Just make sure to make it a surprise proposal with a matching, burgundy Box Sock

2. LEAF Her Speechless 

Being based in California, there isn't always a lot of Fall leaves on the ground - but that shouldn't stop you from creating the perfect Fall proposal! Find a romantic space in a park or backyard and install those dreamy Fall leaves she loves. You can order them online or head to a local home goods store. Plan a time to "stumble" across hundreds of orange, brown and golden leaves complete with a holiday picnic - red wine, apple cider, pumpkin cookies, a delicious chili or stew and pop the question right on top of the leaves! To make sure she doesn't spot the ring beforehand - make sure you snag a thin ring box to keep your proposal a surprise. 

3. She Picked A Winner 

Who wouldn't love picking their own apples? Tell your partner in crime that you have a fun "Fall Day" planned and to dress accordingly. Dressed in your cozy sweaters and tall boots - head to an apple picking farm and walk the aisles hand in hand. After a sweet afternoon in the orchard, ask her to marry you right under the trees! It will be the perfect backdrop for your proposal - don't forget to hire a photographer to capture the moment.